I  have over 10 years of immersive experience in the world of natural health. My practice is based on intimate knowledge of the healing journey, as I have experienced my own self-healing transformation from long-term illness to recovery.

My approach is centered in the belief that food and herbs can act as pivotal doorways to the senses, deepening body attunement and self-knowledge. My specialties lie in experience with complex Autoimmune conditions, chronic pain conditions, anxiety and depression, food relationship and eating disorders.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a practicing Western Herbalist, a former birth Doula, am trained in Reflexology, and have served as an Osteopath’s apprentice. I assists clients in awakening to their own innate abilities to heal by navigating layers of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies in order to reveal our most whole and empowered selves.

To my teachers, my work is dedicated to you. To those who are seeking, my hope is to offer you the guidance to deeply understand and facilitate your own transformational process.

Yours in Health,

 “Lindsay has helped me to heal chronic hip and nerve pain and awful digestive disorders through food and herbs. Her highly attuned approach to the experience of the human body has encouraged me to trust and listen to my own, which has truly enriched and expanded my existence. I cant recommend her highly enough.”

-Celia L.


“Lindsay‘s guidance has been an invaluable component of my healing journey. Whether she’s helping me untangle the complex web that is chronic illness, or advising me about nutrition and general wellness, Lindsay has always been a stellar source of information and support. Armed with several different modalities and an encyclopedic level of knowledge, Lindsay is a real deal healer. She is as gentle, kind, empathetic, and non judgmental as they come. As someone who has suffered with her own complex health issues, Lindsay really understands all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that are involved in the healing process. I have recommended Lindsay to many friends and family members, and will continue to do so!”



“Lindsay is my go-to health advisor for all of my mysterious health issues and she always has incredible ideas. I feel more at ease knowing I can talk to Lindsay to gain insight that I can’t get from my doctor. Having unexplainable health issues can be so isolating and scary. Lindsay always has a plan for me. I walk away feeling confident and know that I will get results.”



“I met Lindsay through a friend that suggested I’d go see her for my terrible itchy rash all over my torso. We have had meetings on Skype and within the first few days of me on a low histamine diet, and her herbal supplements, I was already noticeably better. I feel like Lindsay has a lot of knowledge to share, and she’s got a great personality and calming air about her that is really soothing. I am so grateful to have started this journey with Lindsay, and so thankful for her help on this healing roller coaster.”