Activated charcoal and Enterosgel are two supplements that I highly recommend to have on hand if you experience multiple food sensitivities that manifest in any of the various symptoms of histamine intolerance. For some people, reactions to a particular food or meal can happen within minutes, for others it can occur anytime within the following few hours (R). In these relatively immediate cases, activated charcoal and Enterosgel can provide incredible relief. Here’s why.

Activated charcoal is used in allopathic medicine as an absorbent substance to treat drug overdose and poisons (R). It has the ability to bind with many compounds, thereby absorbing them and excreting them through the bowels.

Studies show that activated charcoal can be effective in lessening both IgE and IgG food reactions (R).

In the case of histamine intolerance, food reactions often have a relatively sudden onset. In many instances, one might experience the onset of itching, headache, flushing, anxiety, or nerve pain, within a time span of a few minutes to a few hours (R). Activated charcoal can be taken to help absorb the foods ingested and provide fast relief.

Since activated charcoal will bind and absorb both the unwanted irritants as well as beneficial nutrients from your food, it should only be used as a last resort when taken along with your food. It should never be used as an excuse to ingest high histamine foods since this could ultimately result in malnourishment. Activated charcoal does have benefits as a routine supplement when taken away from food, but the usage and benefits are different for this scenario.

I recommend Nature’s Way activated charcoal for use with histamine intolerance. There are other brands that are made from coconut, but coconut can be problematic for some people. Be sure to increase water intake since activated charcoal can be dehydrating.



Enterosgel is a Swiss made product that is designed to bind to toxins, allergens, harmful substances, and pathogens and escort them out of the body. It is known to be beneficial for general intestinal health and for healing leaky gut. With a chemical structure that resembles a sponge, it soaks up and carries out toxins and irritants (R). Unlike activated charcoal, it is said to discriminate between what substances it absorbs. According to the leaflet instructions it does not absorb or interfere with medications.

This relatively tasteless gel is made from organic silica and water. It is commonly used in Europe for acute diarrhea, IBS and allergic diseases with gastrointestinal symptoms.

I find that Enterosgel works incredibly well to relieve symptoms associated with food intolerances. For most, it takes around 10-20 minutes to feel the result. Again, it should never be used as an excuse to ingest foods that you know are problematic for your body. But rather, as a backup plan in the case of accidental ingestion or if you eat something and discover it to be bothersome shortly after.

It is recommended to increase water intake while taking Enterosgel.


Enterosgel supplement


Of course, in the case of severe reaction to foods, such as anaphylaxis, I would not recommend the use of either of these supplements over emergency care.

Depending on where you are in terms of addressing histamine intolerant food reactions, it may not always be obvious which or how much of certain foods are irritating to you. Often one does best with an initial elimination diet where many foods are eliminated then slowly reintroduced.

For more guidance on tailoring and designing a diet to meet your specific needs, you may schedule a consultation with me here.

More information and recipes are available in my cookbook, Food My Body Loves: Healing Recipes for Histamine Intolerance.



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